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Concept art

2009-11-08 11:58:34 by chassi93

I love doing animations.. even though I haven't submitted anything.. yet anyway. I'm still trying to find the best software for doing animations.. for NG. So far, I only found one program called Pencil. It makes animations, sure.. but it's really hard to master.. for me anyways... since my skill isn't half as good as most of the users on here. So I'll just use that program to create some concept art or something instead. If you have any suggestions on any good animation software for beginners, please do tell me. :P I won't bite. :D

But for now, I'll post my things that I do for real... this one is a Griffen and it's baby... I painted them on the wall in my closet. I didn't even get into trouble for it.. and I did with the others that I did. Tell me what you think if you like. :P

Concept art


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2009-11-08 12:01:44

You're fucking ugly, that drawing looks like shit, and I could bet you five bucks no body cares and I would be right.

(Updated ) chassi93 responds:

:D that's true. ^^ thanks for your comment X] by the way... it's a painting. I'm sure you could never create anything half as good as that away from the computer. :P have a nice life ^^


2009-11-08 19:45:37

It's pretty good to me. I like it.

chassi93 responds:

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thank you.. your sweet. :P